Classic view /editing start menu?

So i've been given a PC for my new job, running windows 7, and not having used anything MS since win2000, i'm lost.

How can I at least start with getting back to the classic start menu? all i get is this uneditable monstrosity where I have to click twice to get to 'all programs', and then that menu is totally uneditable, may as well be a mac because the right mouse-button does nothing. and, i don't see an option to get rid of the 'search' box at the bottom of the start menu.

Also, in file explorer there isn't even an 'up one folder' button.
I've poked around in control panel->personalisation and folder options, i've got it back to grey, blue, and boxy looking, after an hour i found how to get 'file/edit/view' back, but all i get for navigation is back/forward, no up. and every folder has this goddamn 'organise/library/share/burn' menubar that i can't figure out how to get rid of.

Speaking of which, what's this 'libraries' crap and how can i get rid of it completely?

any ideas? (unfortunately, 'revert to windows2000' and 'install KDE for windows' aren't an option)
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  1. Learn to use the new interface.

    Just one example: You don't need an "up one folder" button in explorer; just look in the address field at the top and you'll see the full hierarchy. You can click on any item to immediately go up one, two, ... levels. It's a big improvement on the old interface.

    If you explore the new interface, and stop trying to live in the past, you'll find that it's all like that. It's a vast improvement over the Windows 2000 interface but, like anything new, it takes a little while to master it.
  2. Agree 100%. Windows 2000 is so..well, 2000.

    By the way, with that search bar, you can find anything within seconds, just by typing the first few letters of its name. I never use the start menu any more, except for the search box.
  3. And (I'm guessing) like me you pin to the Task Bar those programs that you use regularly so you don't need to use the Start Menu that much.
  4. Ijack said:
    And (I'm guessing) like me you pin to the Task Bar those programs that you use regularly so you don't need to use the Start Menu that much.

    I actually have very few programs pinned to the task bar besides Windows Explorer and my browser shortcuts; Like my desktop I prefer my task bar to be clean and uncluttered.
    What I do is create a folder with all the shortcuts of my regular programs, and then pin this folder to Windows Explorer in the task bar.

    One thing I do use the Start Menu for is to pin my MS Office apps. This gives you a nice long jumplist for each individual program, without having the icons permanently stuck on the task bar.
  5. I agree, the new interface is much better than the Windows 2000/XP one, and it's easy to learn how to use it.
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