Windows 7 will not boot into Safe Mode

Hello Whizzes! :pt1cable: My Windows 7 laptop reboots after the splash screen and will not enter SafeMode. :( It then a goes straight into Normal Mode where otherwise it seems to respond well.

What gives? Don't want to get stuck without a repair mode! Advance thanks!
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  1. I would load the Windows 7 DVD, and select "upgrade" This does not erase personal files or programs, but it will reload the defaults, from scratch.
    Then you need to consider what other software you have loaded into the computer...
    free antivirus? fixers, cleaners sweepers? loading junk programs will cause windows to malfunction, don't use them.
    Just stick to the safe signed software.
  2. If you mean the logo screen, you can disable that in the bios. You need to hit F8 immediately after the single beep. It can be tricky at times. You may even want to try holding the F8 key down after the beep.
  3. ^+1 - hawkeye22
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