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"Your location has recently been accessed"

Hey forum people!

I occasionally get a small icon that looks like a mini GPS in my taskbar & when I move my mouse over it, its says "your location has recently been accessed."

Does anyone know what this means? Am I being watched by big brother? (That's only half a joke.) On a similar note: Does anyone know how Google maps is able to pinpoint my exact location?

I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64 (Build 7601) & connect to my university's internet (which uses a proxy) via wi-fi.
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More about your location recently accessed
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    Can you right-click on that icon and get more info? Usually you can get to a Help or About menu that will tell you what the program is. Since you are at school, could this be a LoJack type program that was installed on the laptop to keep track of it?
  2. Can you determine what application/service this is in your Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del)? You might also be able to locate by running MSCONFIG.

    When you setup your University's network config, did you install any provided apps from the school itself?

    Last, I like the way hang-the-9 is thinking on this. Did your system (I assume this is a notebook) come with any security software (like LoJack) installed? I know that Dell offers this.
  3. Ah OK, according to the log it was Google Desktop and my weather gadget accessing my zip code info!

    Thanks for the insight guys!
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