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AMD Acquires Boston Talent (AMD)
By Brian Neal
Monday, September 20, 2004 6:20 PM EDT

Thanks to mas for pointing out this article indicating that AMD has
established a new CPU design center in Boston. Originally a group of
former API Networks employees, the group is now joined by roughly 60
engineers from Sun. The engineers had previously worked on
the aborted UltraSPARC V and other projects.

"I think what this means is that AMD now has the critical mass of
design talent to do more than just one (processor) core at a time,"
Krewell said. "Now it has enough capability to run two fully
independent teams to deliver two products at the same time."
Krewell predicts that AMD will focus its newfound talent on chips
for notebooks and servers.

"Desktop parts could pretty much fall out from designs, from either
mobile (processors) or servers, at this point," he said. "Notebooks
are a growing segment of the corporate and home marketplace, and
servers are where the (high) average selling prices are--the dollars
AMD needs to get a steady revenue stream."

In addition to Boston, the company has also established teams in
India and Japan.


The truth is out there,

but it's not interesting enough for most people.
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