how many players are playing call of duty online??

I'm interested in buying call of duty for the pc. But first I want to know how many players right now are playing it online. Is it somehow possible to know this?

I also want to know how many players are playing battlefeild 1942 online(all mods and expansions packs).

What do you guys think of unreal tournament 2004? Do you guys think it will be a good game LIKE BF 1942?????

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  1. Hey if you like FPS multiplayer then check out Soldier Of Fortune 2, awesome gameplay.
  2. I have COD. Best FPS out IMO. Theres enough ppl playing it online so you can always find a game, and its growing fast too because its so popular.

    I just tell it like it is and some can't handle it. If your experience is different, well congratu-fukulation.
  3. I bought COD. I played multiplayer for 2 days and went back to bf 1942 multiplayer. Bf 1942 multiplayer is way better in my opinion.

    It's funny how opinions can be differente. Did you try bf 1942 mutiplayer kinney???

    kinney did you meant the single player in CoD is the best in FPS? I COULD agree with you on that one.
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  4. BF lags and takes ages to load.
  5. SW expansion pack lags and dersert combat lags now(I hope they fix that) but in regular bf even with the merciless mod it just lags alittle with 40 players. I'm on a adsl modem.

    If you have a powerful computer it doesn't take that long for a map to load. The reason it takes long is because most of the maps in bf 1942 are way bigger then the ones in CoD

    What is the most players you played with in CoD in a server? just 30???

    Anyways do whatever you want. I have more important things to discuss.

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  6. most people on a CoD server you can have is 64, err, thats the most ive seen.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">System Specs</A>

    Ill have a Sapphire 9600pro for sale as soon as i get it back. Had to RMA and theyre sending me a new one!
  7. It really depends on what you want. COD is multiplayer combat, no run and shoot, use cover and strategy. Battlefield 1942 is more run and shoot, plus, Bf:1942 has vehicles and is not just infantry combat. BF:1942 has lots of mods out, and we will have to see with COD...
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