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Hey all,

Just curious if anyone else out there who has ran the beta and now the RTM is seeing a bit of a difference in their WEI values.

With the RC, I was getting a 6.5 on graphics (4850-512), but now I'm getting a 7.3. My C2Q Q9400 stayed at 7.2, as well as my HDD at 5.9 (Velociraptor). My guess is ATI updated the drivers.

Not a big deal, just seeing if there was a general consensus out there in terms of "improvement."

By the way, what are you guys running the 58xx series getting?
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  1. I checked my WEI just now and I think my graphics rating went up too. I believe it was 7.2 for my 4890 when I had Windows 7 RC installed but now its 7.6. I installed the full version of Windows 7 this morning but didn't notice the change until I saw this thread :lol:
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    WEI scores were adjusted between 7 and Vista to accommodate the new scale. The maximum score under Vista was 5.9, whereas under Windows 7, the max is (currently) 7.9. Naturally, existing scores had to be adjusted to reflect proper values to avoid getting older high end cards with lower scores than newer mid-range cards, and whatever other WEI score anomalies one could think of.
  3. The max for Windows 7 RC was 7.9 too though and graphics wise I got 7.2 if I remember correctly. Now I'm getting 7.6 with the full version of Windows 7 installed.
  4. For the record, I specified "currently" in my last reply because Microsoft could re-adjust the scale at any point depending on the release of newer, faster hardware.
  5. I know, I'm just saying my score changed even though I had Windows 7 RC not Vista ;)
  6. Yup... mine did too when I had the RC. My second post was merely an FYI...
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