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The tools icon was always on the upper right hand side of my home page along with home page,, read mail, print, page, safety. When I opened he computer today, it is no longer. Where do I find it now? Thank you.
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  1. right mouse on the spot where it was and check the command bar...
  2. Load up explorer (if that is what you are using) press Alt + V. This bring up the view menu. From here you can see which toolbars are active. You want "Command Bar".
    You can also select toolbars (as r-sky was pointing out) by rich-clicking on any active toolbar.
  3. First right click the iexplorer bar where the internet options use to be. This will bring up the context menu with your several things checked. Make sure command bar is checked, this is the one you're looking for. Or in explorer hit F10 and this will bring up your menu bar along the top where you will find the tools menu whereyou will find internet option at the bottom. Good luck.
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