HDD Spin UP/Down after WIN 7Install

I installed Win7 PRo and now my HDD spins up an down continually with clicking sound also. It sounds like the PC is breathing ....... HELP?
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  1. check the HDD Clicking sound is never good
  2. Sounds like power problems. Are you able to swap physical connections to the HDD?
    Can you change the power connector espescially?
    If that does not work could you unplug any non-essential items from the machine? That should rule out power issues.
  3. Clicking usually means the drive is beginning to fail. Windows my have services running inn the background like indexing service, or a virus scan. Howmuch ram do you have? If not enough it has to constantly access the pagefile. post some more info. Hope this help.
  4. I got it solved.
    I went to the HDD vendor website , typed in the same thing (win7 hdd spin up/down ) into their online Knowledgebase and amongst the hits was the correct answer...
    the suggested soultions I found earlier(that did not work) did point me in the right direction, but just not far enough...yes this involved changing the power settings......but the list of settings they (Vendor) indicated needed changed were way more than just the few my initial internet search responses suggested
    This time,for me, the vendor was right on it !!! This older PC is not engineered to operated under some of the newer energy start types of power schemes so I had to specify a "high energy" power plan and make settings within this plan ......

    nice and quiet around here now
  5. Ahhh. I'll remember that. How old is the board?
  6. The Pc =Dell Dimension 9100
    I dont know any mobo specs sorry
  7. Cool. I'm glad its solved.
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