Windows can't recognize devices!

So I've had this problem for a few months now. I go and plug in ANY usb device besides my printer, mouse, or keyboard and it says windows cannot recognize this device. I've been through device manager, uninstalled drivers, disabled, reenabled, restarted, hard reset, unplugged, replugged, etc and I cannot figure out the problem!

Any suggestions?
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  1. Reinstalled what drivers? The Usb drivers, or the device drivers?
    A little more info on what usb device besides what you listed that you're trying to use?
  2. Sorry, reinstalled the device drivers. Are my USB drivers included with the software that came with my motherboard? (Gigabyte EP45UD3R)

    I've tried my phone (HTC Droid Incredible), I've tried my Patriot Xporter XT 16GB flash drive, a Western Digital Passport drive, my Canon T2i, an SD card reader, iPod, etc. None of them work!
  3. is your motherbord driver installed like USB,SOUND, etc ! if Ok
    try from back panel PC there are 4 or more plug for USB
    Check Plug cable Usb front in Mobo sure right if cannot connect this hardware broken
  4. I assume you've got front and back USB ports? Try plugging something that you know does work (like your mouse) into the same USB port you've previously plugged the other devices. If it still doesn't work, it may be a case of front/back USB ports being disabled, or there could be a problem with your motherboard's USB controller.
  5. Also you might check your bios to see if LEGACY USB is turned on,???.:)
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