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Upgradation from 32 bit to 64 bit compatible software

Hey all,
I have a scenario.
Say, I have a machine with Windows 7 64 bit installed on it.
As we all know a few software donot have 64 bit versions as yet, so say im now using a 32 bit version of a software xyz. lets call the version v1.
now say, we have newer version available for xyz which goes by the name v2.
now v2 is prepared to support 64 bit and I d obviously want to have that on my machine.
So, if I try to install v2 on my machine , what will happen???
Will v1 cease to exist and get upgraded to v2??
or will a seperate installation happen for v2 with all the corresponding files copied to a newer folder, say C:\\programfile\x64???
Will v1 and v2 coexist?

I would also like to know about the registries, whether they would be any different from the 32 bit ones!

Please answer

Thanks in advance!!
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    Impossible to say. It all depends upon how the vendor writes the installation routine. There's nothing to prevent a 64-bit update moving all the installation files and erasing the 32-bit version.

    Normal version upgrades work fine, so there's no reason why a 32- to 64-bit upgrade shouldn't also.
  2. say the software in question is cisco anyconnect vpn client

    Id want to know if the earlier also persists along wid the newly installed 64 bit compatible one, or its wiped out completely
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  4. Best solution: Uninstall the 32-bit old version of the software and then install the 64-bit new version of the software. This way you remove any possible libraries that still might reference 32-bit extensions.

    If the software designers are worth their salt, though, you should be able to run both versions side by side. Especially with VPN client software.
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