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When we are trying to install windows 7 we get a message stating drivers are missing, we have completely wiped the system.
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  1. This often happens when the Windows disk is not legitimate.

    If you have a legitimate WIndows 7, then you might be missing motherboard drivers that can be downloaded from the PC or motherboard manufacturer.
  2. Hi liveonthree and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What are the specs of your rig? What drive?
  3. It sound as though you need Sata Drivers for your hard drive. If you have not got them, You will need to find out the make and download the drivers and burn them on a disc, as the win7 disc doesn't seem to have them. You could also alter the settings in the bios so it doesn't act as a Sata HD and therefore not need drivers, but you are better getting the drivers for it.
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