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My name is Wade. I'm not new but im still a rookie when it comes to computers. Im just out asking around learning about computers a
little at a time. So if you would please be descriptive about what you
say and please help me the the best of you knowledge.

Well my first issue is updating my graphics drivers. I have the idea of what to do but I don't know if im doing it correctly. I have search and search for programs that could help me detect out of date drivers but i have failed.
I want to mainly update my video drivers. I have a (Laptop Asus UL80J) With a "Intel(R) HD Graphics" "Nvidia GeForce 310M" {Note thats what displays under my device manager} So im not sure which one is the critical one.

The reason i want to update my Graphics Drivers is for World of Warcraft. To those who know of Patch 4.0.1 you know that the water detail is awesome. Well im stuck in a pinch. I'm un able to see the detail above a fair level. When i put it on Good or Ultra it makes the water disappear, so im floating on air.
I have googled around for a fix on this but im not sure if i know which fix i need.

If anyone could help me MOSTLY on that issue i would be appreciated.

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  1. check your Display Settings it should tell you which video card is being used.

    then download the driver from ASUS:
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