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In just bought a computer from this guy, a week later I receive a message saying raid mirror failed, he send me a message saying I need to hit control i in post and either build it again or destroy, I try to rebuild the computer tells me there is not enough room, so I delete, and now I am stuck cause I dont know how to change bios to IDE and, and finish the job? I beleive that the drive failed becuase the two raids in the front are removable, and my son might have pulled the one that has the os on out
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  1. If you change the BIOS settings the next time you boot you could lose all your data. A mirror RAID fails when one of the HDD's fails. One identifies the drive and replaces it with another of equal capacity and the RAID controller rebuilds the RAID restoring redundancy. If you elected to delete the RAID you may have lost your Data. Try plugging both HDD's into another PC and see if you can recover the Data. If not use HD Tune to test the integrity of the HDD's to see if it is viable to use them again when you start from scratch.
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