Router as just print server?

I have a Netgear RP114 router. My system works great. But my printer is on one pc, and i have to turn on that pc to use it from my game machine. I use the game machine for internet now. So I need to print stuff more often.

I managed to get hold of a Speedstream 2604 router with a printer server/port built in. Tech support for this is nonexistant. Usenet has not been a help either, or it's Google database.

What I want to do is connect the 2604 to a regular port of the RP114 and use the 2604 just as a print server. No luck. I have connected one port of the RP114 to the WAN and regular ports of the 2604 and still can't talk to the 2604 or printer.

Any help about using this 2604 as a downstream router/printer server would be appreciated! The manuals are no help. Websites are no help, and I can't find suitable info on the net.

I don't want to buy a print server, as I can't afford it.
I want to use what I have.

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  1. you have two routers, both with print server, and you want to hook one up to the other just for the print server? whats wrong with the print server on the one you just got? anyway, you should be able to hook the extra router to the other one through the uplink port of one of the routers to a standard port of the other one. you will be screwed if both routers use the ip in that case you will never get both to work at the same time.

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  2. Only the new router has the print server. They use different ip addresses. Now do you want to help?
  3. i thought thats what i was doing. i was going to continue but i dont give help unless its wanted.

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  4. ohhh!!! I worship you!!!!!!!!
  5. Quote:
    Now do you want to help?

    Wow, you won't hear from him again. I would help, but I don't know about this.


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  6. Yeah, I did get carried away, didn't I?

    I guess I will just have to exist without your help :)
  7. BTW, I tried the method I posted for getting the 2nd router to work just as a print server (in another forum, I forget which) last night and it worked perfectly. Too bad the print server functionality is broken...

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  8. can you access the router setup? is there an option for the printer port, and have you tried browsing for the print server through windows?
  9. I was about to ask the same type of question regarding a print server. I have a Linksys 8-port router now. What do I need to do or buy to get a print server working?

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  10. i dont think the linksys router has a print server function built into it. if it has a plug on the back then your set. if not you will need to buy a device called a jet direct box. they are costly, i dont know where you can get one. its a pretty old device.

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  11. Yikes! The cheapest one I found was $270. Seems cheaper to build an old 'puter into a print server. With a grinder and some duct tape I could probably make it small, too.

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  12. get a <A HREF="" target="_new">Netgear PS110</A> for about $100

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  13. Do any of them support two USB printers? That would be ideal! Is it also possible to share a scanner this way or is it only printers? I may get an all-in-one unit I'd love to network share.

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  14. heres one from <A HREF="{PdqycO8EfW7ljbhQH2WjZ0qD2X2htchHB8BPTIDrw1DsWolfg9Vc|-4787091334554203921/168694311/6/7001/7001/7002/7002/7001/-1|-6335325021849807224/168694310/6/7001/7001/7002/7002/7001/-1|1037742704050}/product/3437183/" target="_new">Hawking</A>

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  15. Wow, that's it! Wonder why I couldn't find that one. It notes "Not compatible with Multi-Function Printers". Is an all-in-one considered a multifunction printer? Thanks for the info. You da man! Or woo-man, whichever :)

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  16. I don't think you should worry about an all-in-1. Not really sure what they mean by multi-function. <A HREF=" datasheet.PDF" target="_new">here</A> is a datasheet.

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  17. Hmmm... it appears there are discrepancies between vendors. Some claim the Canon F80 for example (what I'm planning to buy) can be networked and others claim it cannot. Thinking about it, I'd be suprised if the scanner worked as a network shared device. If it can, then sliced bread move over because this is gonna be the greatest! I may have to email Canon about this...

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