[Help Requested] Amount of available space on HDD keeps decreasing

I have an odd problem on my PC (AMD Phenom II X4 powered system with Windows 7 Ultimate x64).

The amount of space available on my system hard disk drive keeps decreasing slowly, for no apparent reason.

But, what's more, I can't retrieve the total amount of space used by all my files and folders in what Windows Explorer shows me of my system drive.

Let me elaborate: I have a 640 GB HDD, of which a 200 GB partition is allocated to Windows (C: ). The contents of Local Disk (C: ) is the following:


$Recycle Bin 0
Boot 14 MB
Perflogs 0
Program Files 815 MB
Program Files (x86) 2.22 GB
ProgramData 356 MB
RaidTool 0
System Volume Information 2.34 MB
Users 90.7 GB
Windows 11.3 GB
Personal Backup 4.12 GB


hyberfile.sys 3,144,568 KB
pagefile.sys 3,561,080 KB
<other files> ~ 800 KB

TOTAL ~ 116 GB

As you can see, if I sum up all the space amount from my Files and Folders, I get a total amount of approximately 116 GB. However, Windows Explorer tells me that the total used space for (C: ) is 195 GB, and that I have only 6 MB of free space, meaning that my Windows space is almost full. This morning, I still had about 2 GB of free space.

This is really strange. 1. Why this discrepancy? 2. What is this process that runs in the background and eats up all my space and how to eliminate it?

Could anyone help me to find out what is wrong?
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  1. Hi.

    Or you have a lot of programs, or you have a lot of temp files. Download and use ccleaner (here), run it and let me know the results.
  2. Have you checked the amount of space allocated to system restore? If you turn off system restore and then restart your computer you will see how much it uses.( check disk space before and after) Dont forget to turn it on again after. If it is excessive just alter the amount of space to give it.
  3. @ saint19:

    CCleaner found about about 86 GB of files to be removed, mainly:
    ~ 84 GB in System - Temporary Files (C:\Windows\TEMP) (!)
    ~ 2 GB in the Google Earth cache

    So, you were entirely right: I had LOTS (!) of temp files.

    What is weird is that those 84 GB of Windows temp files were in C:\Windows\TEMP (before I removed them with CCleaner). However, Windows Explorer had previously shown me (and still currently shows me) an amount of 11.3 GB in the C:\Windows folder ! Very misleading ! Any idea why WE did not take into account the space amount in the TEMP subfolder? Is this a known bug, or is there something wrong in my config? (If WE had given me the correct space amount in the Windows folder, I think I would have been able to find the presence of all these temp files data...)

    I guess I will have to monitor my disk space usage in the next few days/week to make sure that it does not increase too fast, and use CCleaner from time to time...

    Many thanks for suggesting to use this CCleaner! Looks like a great tool. You have been very helpful ! :wahoo:
  4. @ mibix19:

    Thanks for your contribution.

    System Restore has always been turned off on this system, and so the amount of space it uses is 0.

    Reason for this is that, in the past, I have never been able to recover anything using this System restore facility from Windows ! Totally useless in my opinion...
  5. You are right, Windows folder usually don't count that temp folder in the amount space used.
  6. Suggest running Steven Gould's Cleanup at least once a week.


    Also, check your e-mail folders......I have 9 GB of e-mails which is why I moved them off the C drive.
  7. - Menu bar -select Tool-Folder Option -select view- change show hidden file & Folders
    - C: /document & setting/ user (name user)/ application data/local/temp/delete all
  8. @ JackNaylorPE:

    Thanks for the suggestion. How does this Cleanup compare with CCleaner suggested by saint19 ?
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