Has anyone done anything about fixing windows 7 crashes while gaming Issues?

I have windows 7 also and it crashes all my video games from COD 4 to Bioshock to far cry 2
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  1. Hi BlackFalconhawk and welcome to Tom's forum.

    We need the specs of your rig for give you an answer.
  2. saint19 said it correctly specs please. What graphic card are you using? The site below have alot of tips for enhancing the gameplay and eliminating or reducing game freezes and hangs. http://www.gamebrood.com/2010/11/10/call-of-duty-black-ops-pc-fixes-and-solutions-for-crashes-errors-black-screen-issues-no-sound-missing-audio-installation-error-low-performance-lag-choppy-gameplay-cant-play-online-multipla/ . Good luck.
  3. please..
  4. Your specs are the only things that count here-
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