How do I run win7 op on unformatted HDD


I want to upgrade an XP pro pc to windows 7. The existing free drive was not enough and I added a new hard drive. The system won't boot from CD. Trying to install from CD after booting to XP pro bring out the error the drive is not formatted using NTFS.

Any help on how I can go about it?

I don't know how I can format using NTFS.
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  1. You cannot upgrade XP to W7, you must perform a clean install, which could cause you to lose your data if it resides on the XP partition.
    OR you can perform a custom install to your new HDD. Boot to your W7 dvd, and install it that way - just be sure you are installing it to the new (non-XP HDD). This installation will show a new screen after POST, allowing you to select either XP or W7 for boot.
  2. "The system won't boot from CD."
    Just to clarify, Windows 7 is on a dvd not cd and requires a drive capable of reading dvd's.
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