Do I need to reinstall everything after a windows 7 upgrade?

I have win. xp pro and heard that to make an upgrade I need win. 7 pro upgrade. If I upgrade will all my files still be there or do I need to reinstall everything?
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  1. upgrading to Windows 7 is like doing a fresh install and reinstall all software.

    you will have to backup all you data
  2. You can upgrade to win 7 home premium no need to go pro.
  3. when u upgrade not Format HDD in generally old file inside folder Windows Old. iinstall WIn7 in the same partition. u can look old file in folder wondows Old. but System OS or Sytem Program cannot Work except software Portable! your driver must install again
  4. a jump from xp to win7 will require a clean install.
    there is no upgrade option for this particular move.
  5. Darn, so what you guys are saying is that when I do an upgrade I need to install my StarCraft II again?
  6. yep yep..
  7. DARN! The key code to StarCraft II is on the Internet so I can't reinstall it! Well looks like I will have to stick with xp pro.
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