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I just built my first computer, and have very little knowledge about computers in general. I did manage to get windows 7 installed though, and downloaded Avira anti-virus. I'm now trying to take care of the drivers. All the hardware comes with cds, but I'm guessing I want the latest drivers anyways?

So, for example, trying to download the graphics card drivers (sapphire hd5750), it comes to a long list of drivers, would I install all of them or the newest one? Like some of them are only half a MB, so I figure that couldn't fit in all the previous updates. (

How about other necessary drivers? I know motherboard, anything else? Like I get a cd with the motherboard, but I assume i'd download them from Asus's website? (have the p55e-pro) Do i download all of them: bios, bios utilities, chipset, audio, lan, usb, utilities, sata, manual.

Also, in the future, are you supposed to download updated drivers, or do they auto download?

Thanks, and I realize these are pretty abc questions
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  1. chknpotpie said:
    I just built my first computer,

    Thanks, and I realize these are pretty abc questions

    Going through those is the best way to get to question D and no-one will ever get to Z! You just built your own computer - splendid effort :D . Just keep asking questions - you're heading in the right direction.
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