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To all ya'll hatas out there! Don't sing just bring it!!!!

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  1. Do work for compaq or something or are you just defneding the fact that you spent $3000 on a POS computer you could have built for $1000.

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  2. Here is a hallenge for you, find a compaq that has better specs than this for less $$$$ and it can't be some ugly ass color only white boxes. (I hate ugly mac knock off cases)

    ENLIGHT EN-7237/3 W/300WCase Specs
    1.44MB FDD
    (ASUS A7V133-Specs; AMD T-BIRD 1000(OEM); 32X64 256MB PC133) $491.00
    IBM 30.0GB ULTRA-ATA/100 DTLA307030/PN#07N3929 7200RPM 8.5MS 2MB BUFFER $132.00
    SMARTLINK 10BT/100BTX 1205RC PCI 1-PK (Realtek chipset) *Microsoft/Novell Certified $9.90
    Sub Total $1,073.80
    S&H (Ground) APPROXIMATELY 3-4 Business days for delivery $52.23
    Grand Total $1,126.03
    plus a 17” F77 monitor @ $170
    and a FOP 32 @ $25
    total system price = $1321.03

    "Work is the curse of the drinking class"
  3. Hey I can't argue with that price! I agree building your own is the way to go but I do like the new Compaqs!

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  4. Do you like I-macs too?
  5. LOL.

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  6. compaq is currently winning the crapest computer poll

    “Build your own you will love it more”
  7. Well every compaq i have seen for sale is basically sell you a really fast cpu, big hard drive, latest striped down versions of software and craptastic video and sound cards. Your basically paying for a chip, hard drive, and software. and getting a castrated box because of the cheap a$$ cards they put in them. And to be a true Imac knock off they need to have a handle on top so that I can throw them in the dumpster easier!

    A mime is a great thing to waste! :lol:
  8. Don't really know anything about it? How about the IPaqs

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  9. Kal, I disagree with you. Compaq like most manufacturers sell different types of computers. High end, low end, pre-built, and config to order (this is where you pick the components).

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  10. ZaNtHeR = Compaq employee 8)

    Never be afraid to try new things. Remember, amateurs built the Ark - professional built the Titanic
  11. Maybe, maybe not...

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  12. If you like Compaq you are high. Sorry but Compaq is one of the worst manufacturers of all time. They blow.

    "648kb is all the space anyone will ever need!"

    Bill Gates, 1980s
  13. your opinion... but they are also one of the biggest....and didn't get that way by selling crap...

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  14. yes they did. they got their selling crap to stupid people who know jack about computers. it's my opinion along with the opinions of a zillion other people that are all the same.

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  15. Well I guess Compuke er... Compaq is better than Packard Bell. :)

    <font color=green>1Ghz on 56K access? I like my 400Mhz with cable access. ;)</font color=green>
  16. The marketing dep made Scrappaq one of the biggest.
    Not their products.
    A pretty box full of [-peep-].
  17. That is their job....

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  18. Yup, Compaq's Marketing is like putting perfume on a pig. After a while the stink will come back to haunt ya!

    Compaq<font color=red>(n)</font color=red><font color=purple>Com/pac:</font color=purple> A lemon in a flash case
  19. HeHe :))))))

    Comprack Deskjunk :P

    They say they develop MC Laren F1 cars with it. That's why they have lots of problems with their cars this year hehe ;)

    Signatures suck :P
  20. I have to agree, compaq's are awful... I know firsthand. My experiences with the compaq are the main reasons why I built my own computer:

    AMD 1200Mhz 266FSB
    ASUS A7M266
    256mb DDR SDRAM
    IMT4000 Case
    IBM 60GXP Desktar 40 gig
    Geforce2 MX400 64mb
    Soud Blaster Live! Platinum (Although my Live!Drive DID catch on fire)
    Altec Lansing ATP5 Thin Profile Speakers, 4 satellites, 1 sub
    Creative Labs 52x CD-ROM drive (my CD-RW is stuck in the Compaq, and family has taken it over)
    Viewsonic 17 incher
    Windows 2000 Professional
    yadda yadda yadda

    1200 bucks....At least I think it's a good deal...All I know is it's better than the 2500 we spent on the compaq, with an onboard sound card you can't turn off, 2 PCI slots, and tons of packaged buggy software that won't leave me alone....
  21. Yeah kind of like your mouth... it is full of it...

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  22. It took you a week to think that one up?

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  23. No Fat Boy unlike you I have a life... I do other things outside of being on a computer... You know, actually interact with individuals face to face... Not like you telling women on the iternet you are king stud when you are really King Dud...Probably never touched a woman.... and no your blow up doll doesn't count...neither does your mom...

    <b><font color=blue>Perception is Reality!!!</b></font color=blue>
    Don't even get started with me, Compaq boy. The only time I spend on here is at work, where I get paid to do this, just like you. There are just two differences

    1. I do other stuff at work besides wander around forums, and they don't know they're paying me for this.

    2. I'm more liked that you, although that's not hard.

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  25. I can't believe that we have three threads going on this subject. Shall we start another? That way we can say the same thing 4 times. Hmm let me muse a little bit. 6 months ago I decided it was time to get a new computer. Followed all of the major companies to see what I wanted. Thank god my brother told me to check out thg for tech news on whats hot and whats not. I decided it was certainly better to build my own(will make some final decisions after nforce is released). I happened to look at a flyer with some compaqs in it today. Now that I know what to look for (thanx to the help of people like Fatburger, crashman, etal (so stop bad mouthing the folks who actually help people around here)) I see line
    1) Hmm nice processor
    2) ok memory
    3-> who the hell would pay that much money for all that crap?

    Not saying that other companies are a whole lot better. But Compaq seems to thrive on selling fluff. Great marketing team? You bet. But it all catches up in the end. Look at intel, they are a market leader. At one point they had the best product (might still have depending on your point of view and needs). Now they have a major competitor in AMD that keeps moving forward on quality and inovation. If AMD could match intels marketing dollars and if intel wouldn't bully the market, intel would be eating some serious dust.

    Oh well. Enough mindless babble. Time to take a dump and wipe my ass with a compaq brochure. It's the only thing they will send me that I can afford and have a use for.

    This parachute is guaranteed for the life of the user...
  26. FATBOY!!!! LOL
    Ha ha - ooo you make me chuckle.
    <wipes tear>

    Zanth may I call you Zanth. get a life.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it
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  27. LOL
    it must really cut to the bone bieng called fatboy by a little zealot (compac this time, not intel/amd/nvidia/ati)

    Need MUCH more chlorine in the gene pool i believe.
  28. Quote:
    Now that I know what to look for (thanx to the help of people like Fatburger, crashman, etal (so stop bad mouthing the folks who actually help people around here))

    First time I've seen that. Maybe I should bookmark this thread for future use :)

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    Rest in peace.</font color=green>
  29. so if they r the biggest, then why r they getting bought out by HP?

    Never Trust Intel to do AMD's job!
  30. They´re the biggest alright!

    The biggest piece of crap!!

    <b>I ate so much Cookies , i think i´m gonna puke!</b> <font color=red>CHANGE THAT DAMN SIG OF THE WEEK!</font color=red>
  31. compaq = crap
    hp = crap

    make sense now?

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    <font color=red> Techie2001 </font color=red>
  32. Ahah, have an argument. It's a compaq LCD- the best I have seen, and extremely low price.

    Your brain: PC
    You brain on drugs: Mac
  33. mm ok - exception

    upit vp,[iyrt od pm;u sd d,sty sd oyd idrt
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  34. Although their monitors (some) kick ass, I must agree that the computers they offer do suck.

    U got a problem?! Then dial 1800-328-7448!
  35. They never give you the full disks. Building your own is the only way to go!

    Life is too short, don't mess it up!!
  36. Basically they suck - But they are black so they look stylish.

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    If it aint broke,Dont fix it. :wink:
  37. OK. Sorry to resurrect this post but I've got to say this.

    The place I work at uses a fair few Compaq machines (well, ALL of them, and before that we were a Digital site) and before I worked here I really hated Compaq's. But the only experience I had had with then was with Presario's, which are crap. Here, we exclusively use the Deskpro EN's, we buy them in enough quantity that the price of them isn't too bad, and their reliability is OK. Their servers are actually quite good. And their service is great, provided you pay for it. That's probably why we go for them, they're dependable, not cheap.

    Still wouldn't buy one for myself though. Pay way too much for a mediocre machine, which I'd probably end up fixing myself anyway.

    BTW Zanther, What did you expect by writing this post? Of course you're going to get fried! Accept it, expect it, and please don't start flaming people because of it. That's just rude.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Novakain on 12/26/01 10:12 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  38. Ok, this is pissing me off...purchased an LCD, and it was supposed to be at my house by 19th of December. Well, it's been delayed till fvcking January 14 at earliest!!!

    What if your life moved.....2 inches to the left?
  39. Quote:
    To all ya'll hatas out there! Don't sing just bring it!!!!

    All together now.

    We wish you a shitty christmas
    We wish you a shitty christmas
    We wish you a shitty christmas and a crappy new year.

    Dead compaqs we bring, bad tidings we sing.
    We wish you a shitty christmas and a crappy PC

    <font color=purple><b>Techie2001</font color=purple></b>
    <i>(Crazy Alien)</i>
    If it ain't broke, Don't fix it. :wink:
  40. Too bad...
    I've got my 'junk' LCD right in front of me and didn't have to pay shipping either.

    Santa must be a trucker.

    Dorr, MI
  41. NM, after screaming to them for about 10 mins, I'll have my LCD any day now. hehe. I got free shipping, and it's 17" top of teh line, at only $645.

    What if your life moved.....2 inches to the left?
  42. I don't really like LCD's. The only advantage is it saves real estate.

    <b>If you make a sytem that even an idiot can use, only an idiot will use it!!</b>
  43. It saves real estate and it doesn't emit radiation.

    Knowan likes you. Knowan is your friend. Knowan thinks you're great.
  44. Umm... Radiation is good for you.. It helps you to grow... maybe grow weird things.. but it helps you to grow.

    <b>If you make a sytem that even an idiot can use, only an idiot will use it!!</b>
  45. Lol. Well, my 6th finger is good for typing:), but aside from saving space, LCD's are better for the eyes. Plus, they look cool. What do u have against then anyway?

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  46. The image isn't as sharp.

    <b>If you make a sytem that even an idiot can use, only an idiot will use it!!</b>
  47. Yeah, LCD's images aren't as sharp as CRT's...LCD is SHARPER! This is b/c every pixel is controlled separatly. Read something on a good LCD, u'll see it's much sharper.

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  48. Maybe Sharper wasn't they way I wanted to describe it. I really don't like the way they look. I would much rather have a CRT. But hey, to each his own.

    <b>If you make a sytem that even an idiot can use, only an idiot will use it!!</b>
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