Registry problem maybe?

I had 3-5 dangerous viruses on my laptop, 2 trojans and some other. what they had done was they didnt allow me to edit the registry and open cmd, telling me that the admin has blocked!! thanks to other guys on my other thread gave me a link to malware removal guide on these forums. i used it and got access to registry and cmd!! but when rebooting a black screen would come up and tell me my win7 is fake!!!!!! i also used the reg cleaner. could that be the problem! after i removed the battery and restarted it was working fine?? please help
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  1. Open activate Windows and if it says activation was successful you should be good to go . The program that validates genuine windows every 90 days is called Choice Guard.
  2. Hey dragon5677. Did you get back up and running?
  3. yea its running only after removed the battery and put it back again. aford10 i followed your guide to malware removal, and used the registry editor tool.

    sorry for the late reply!
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