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What is ISO image file...

i was trying to learn formatting windows with usb drive.. i came across some methods in which we need to locate the iso file of the os..what is it?
i have a windows 7 cd..will i find it there..pliz refer to step 3 of this 2nd answer
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  1. Wikipedia gives a good description of ISO files.
  2. get ImageBurn its free, this will allow you to make an .iso image of the disc.
  3. An ISO or .iso file is a CD image. A copy of all the contents off a CD. The .iso files can be extracted with winRAR compression or some other iso software.

    Imgburn can create .iso, and also can burn iso images to a CD

    winRAR can extract the content from an .iso file

    .iso is good for backing up CD's to your hard drive, just in case that something may happen to your physical CDs.

    install imgburn insert windows disk and in the imgburn gui select create image file!

    look below for the way i use!
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    this is how i have done it !

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  6. power iso is other good program out there to use I have the cd which it is on someone gave it to me.
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