Has anyone got used to the camera while driving yet?

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does it get easier?
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    dak wrote:
    > does it get easier?
    For those playing Vice City on a PC, you "steer" the camera with the
    mouse while driving, much like walking around in VC. This allows you
    to looks around corners without waiting for the lag of the "auto"
    adjust. It is also useful for looking up and down hills, of which SA
    has plenty. It's just another thing to fiddle with. More total
    immersion or something. It becomes sort of automatic after a while, so
    yes, it gets easier. I've noticed that "tilt camera up", "tilt camera
    down" is reversed betweeen GTAIII and Vice City. It is also reversed
    between Vice City and San Andreas. Well, at least GTAIII and San
    Andreas seem to be consistent. The only real bummer is that I got used
    to using my "mouse hand" to control Wheelie/Stoppie/Handbrake in VC
    when on a motorcycle. I can't do this in San Andreas as I have to
    steer the camera.

    Luckily I've haven't talked to any black people who weren't video game
    characters after playing San Andreas all day. Even I'd want to smack
    the white off of me :)

    Happy 'Bangin'
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    "dak" <nospam@xxx.com> wrote in message
    > does it get easier?

    I mastered it last night (the camera that is, not the whole game). Part of
    my problem was that my old graphics card wasn't quite up to the job, so as
    soon as there was a bit of action everything slowed down so much that the
    camera seemed to get way out of control.

    I'm a convert to the new camera system now, it's good to be able to see
    what's around the corner when driving, and the cinematic view is brilliant,
    especially when flying a plane.
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