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Ok so this arse ripped off a bunch of code right? Can somebody explain to me how source code is diff than the code you get on a CD to install a game? (Sorry, I'm pretty ignorant in this area). If they are basically the same then would the theft be such a problem if they just were to make a new system for coding cd keys and any that don't match the new cd codes will be banned from use. I'm pretty sure a good deal of people who get HL want the online use and those that only use single player and buy hl2 bootlegged aren't that many. Also, do you think the company may be loosing more money by delaying sales and continuing work on this project instead of shipping it? In other words is: #sales x $/game - loss due to bootlegs <, >, or = #sales x $/game - cost of wages etc on recoding and shipping later? I also feel that sales could drop slightly due to the delay due to new games coming out.

If the post seems stupid to you, it very well could be. . . so plz don't burn me at the stake.
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  1. The source code IS the code for the game. The problem with it being stolen means that it could be used to cheat and/or hack the game once it's released. So it has to be re-written. It's not an issue with CD keys or player authentication. From what I've read, the thieves didnt get a complete copy of the code anyways, so they've only been able to recreate simple things like a square room and other useless crap.

    In response to the second part: I dont think it will affect HL2's sales at all really. Everyone who was going to buy it will probably still buy it. About the delays; You can blame the publisher, Vivendi Universal for alot of the crap surrounding that.
  2. Ah, I see. Thanks.
  3. Just to clarify a little more. The source code is the code of the game in a higher level of programming language such as C++. The CD you buy has the same code that the thiefs have stolen, but it is in another format(machine code) which makes it a lot tougher to understand and modify. Therefore, in therory, you can take a game you buy and completly modify it, but this is extremily hard because of the format it is published in.

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  4. from what i have seen, plenty of code is in the leak, the engine is great. what "must" be recoded would be netcode and whatever client-side stuff that can get hooked (like in all those counter-strike cheats)

    i for one dont believe a thing valve has said about this, because the actual story and maps for single player are nowhere near done in the leak, the player doesnt even have a skin (just a poorly made gray model when you go into 3rd person view). i think the whole release was staged, so that valve could work around the contract with ati. the beta is really just a tech demo, no real content is in it. the leak is just an excuse to push the date to a point where they can finish the game.
  5. Source code =

    if(mark <= 2){

    something = this;
    somethingelse = getSomeNumber();


    The code on the cd =

    10010110 11101000 00100010 11010001 01101000

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  6. Dude, that's lame. Why would a company release the source code to their latest and greatest, along with opening themselves up for a huge lawsuit for leaking the source to a licensed physics engine, causing an even longer delay, missing the holiday sales, and perhaps letting id get the jump on them with doom3 when they could have just said: "It's still not ready," for the same effect?

    Id has delayed doom3 over and over again, and what has happened? Nothing. They don't LOSE anything except revenues in the present, but they just push those back along with the game. Same with valve. This leak COSTS them a lot of money in re-writing the code, getting the legalities all straightened out...

    It's no secret the game wasn't ready, but the idea they leaked it on purpose is ludicrous.

    Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
  7. no, the source code WAS leaked. I've seen it. And my friend HAS it.......so it's not all just some stupid story. They probably just went with it and used it as an excuse to delay the game :/ anyways.....just my two cents.....
  8. Well DUH!

    If someone has the source code that SHOULDN'T have the source code... then quite obviously the code was leaked.


    The issue is whether or not this code was leaked on purpose. I don't believe it was; but then I really can't say for sure. Could have been some disgruntled programmer getting revenge for all we know. No one denies the code was leaked... we just don't know how or why.

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  9. :/ ok so i misunderstood what he said, I really need to stop posting in the early morning....
  10. I downloaded it just to see what code for something like that looked like. Didn't make much sense, so I deleted it within a day. Anyways, yeah, I've seen it and I know it's out, but I really don't believe it was leaked on purpose.

    The beta demo is fun though. Runs well too ;)

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  11. Heh, damn delays. I want this game now.
  12. Me Too!!
    I been waiting all year for HL2 and "Return of the King"(movie, not game)
  13. I was internet window shopping around earlier today, and walmart has HL2 preorder listed for 04/01/2004, and D3 for 05/04/2004.
  14. That's just guesswork if there were any real release date the sierra website would definetly state it, instead they say: "coming soon"

    They just do that to get dweebs to preorder and empty their pockets at their store instead of somewhere else

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  15. HL2 was on pre-order at best buy for november a long time ago. They keep changing the date.

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  16. I remember back when it was listed at best buy, and I even remember someone, I think it was amazon, having it listed for september at one point. For some reason I can't get the doom3 website to load here at work, but IIRC they have links to preorders as well. I was simply hopeing that we'll finally see these games, though when they do my last excuse for upgrading my computer will be gone. :smile:
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