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I have a small business network that I support. It had 4 98SE computers behind a linksys router, using workgroup and the standard setups along with one network printer. File and printer sharing was enabled and working fine. They bought a new computer with XP home edition on it, and once turned on, the other computers could browse the internet, I could ping other computers by IP address, but network neighborhood and the network printer would "lockup" with the hourglass forever. (someone told me that the "use a firewall" box on XP home could cause this, but I am not at the office now to verify this is the fix)

Help !!
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  1. which box locks up? 98 or XP?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. XP Home sucks. Get rid of it. Home supports a maximum of 5 “servers” on a P2P network. You have 4 systems, plus the new XP one, plus the printer which it will count.

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  3. I tried networking with home with only 2 computers and one printer (98se of course) and was horribly frustrated after many hours of work (never succeded, was able to get internet but no network). I upgraded to pro and was still frustrated but can now get both network capabillities and internet.

    I wonder what would happen if everyone asked why about everything?
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