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Hi everybody. I have a problem that I've seen all over the web... I downloaded windows 7 from Microsoft, made a bootable iso disk but keep getting a code 5 error. Very frustrating :( I would be so happy if someone could help me :) Many thanks! Dave
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    There is a contradiction in terms here, an iso itself is not bootable, it needs to be burned to dvd using an iso burning program, This process extracts the files to the dvd ready for use as a bootable dvd in this case. Nero is one of many programs that can do it, if you don't have it, Google for "free iso burning program".
  2. Are you getting the code 5 error when trying to boot from the dvd you burned?

    To continue on Jonmor's thought,

    Actually, a standalone iso file can be bootable, but only within a virtual machine environment. One cannot boot directly from an iso file on a host machine, as the BIOS lacks the necessary logic to create a virtual cd/dvd drive outside of the Windows environment, mount the iso file, boot from it, and keep the iso loaded to this virtual drive beyond the reboot points of the Windows install process.

    I would be a very happy man if this could be done, as it could potentially further reduce Windows deployment time, but alas, we aren't quite there yet.
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