Low eye strain parameters

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What are the most important characteristics in a pc monitor for
minimizing eye strain?

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    "Top Spin" <ToppSpin@hotmail.com> wrote in message
    > What are the most important characteristics in a pc monitor for
    > minimizing eye strain?

    Once you get past the obvious ones - no flicker, adequate focus
    and brightness, etc. - it's more a matter of how you as the user
    work with the display. A few things to keep in mind:

    - It's very tempting to use modern high-res displays to cram as
    much information as possible on to the screen, via teensy-tiny
    fonts, etc.. But if you don't want to strain your eyes, switch to
    a font size and style that you find comfortable and readable over
    the long haul.

    - Watch your choice of colors, backgrounds, etc.. Contrast, when
    reading text, can be a good thing, but avoid color combinations that
    are difficult to view for extended periods (for example, red text on
    a blue background, or vice-versa). Some people find "negative"
    (i.e., white-on-black or green-on-black) easier on the eyes.

    - Make sure you've got adequate brightness for your work
    environments, and no objectionable reflections on the screen.
    Re-orient the screen or re-position light sources to get the best

    - Don't forget to adjust the screen height and angle for a comfortable
    viewing position. Tired neck muscles aren't exactly "eye strain," but
    you'll still feel fatigued...

    - Finally, and most importantly - take regular breaks. ANY close-up
    detailed work, if done for extended periods, will cause fatigue and
    eye strain. Get away from the monitor, and focus on something
    in the distance every so often; rest your eyes. If you're subject to
    dry eyes, use a wetting agent (see your opthalmologist for
    recommendations and help with that, too).

    Bob M.
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