Lenovo 3000 k remote on windows 7

hi I have the lenovo 3000 k seres computer. I upgraded to windows 7 and want to fins out how to get the remote working.

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  1. sorry for duble post
  2. trying it now thats insane 200MB for a driver. crap I have to redownload it go stuck at 50MB
  3. it diddent work it sied its onlt for use on a lenovo PC. my PC is lenovo but it had a video card put in, it had a new power supply put in and it also had it's hardrive replaced. it originaly had yucky vista and I put yummy 7 on it what do I do now? sorry for dubble post my computer reloaded.
  4. *BUMP* any ideas at all?
  5. do you show any Unknown Devices under Other Devices in the Device Manager?

    I guess you have a Multimedia Keyboard . Did you install the driver/software for it?
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