Horizontal lines in all my games

OK, Getting fed up now, need some help.
Basically when im playing games in most of them im getting horizontal lines running down the screen i.e medal of honor, IGI2, Postal and many other games. I have recently changed my graphiocs card, memory and motherboard and noticed that i still have the same problem.

System Spec:

athlon xp 2200
1 gig 266 DDR Ram
Abit k7 board
ATI G9600PRO Graphics Card
60 gig HD

As you can see my system is not bad and i would expect it to run games without horizontal lines running through it.

Does anyone now why and how to resolve this problem of the horizontal lines co's it aint half annoying me now.

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  1. Can you give us details of your screen settings (specifically resolution and refresh rate), and the settings you're using in your games.

    Also let us know the specifications of the monitor you're using.

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  2. Well the games settings obviously change dependent on the game and the options. However i have tried droping the settings to low on everything but get same problem. Tbh the settings does not seem to be relivant as there is no slow down running everything in high qaulity 32 bit, its just the bloody horizontal lines.

    I have tried loads of diffrent refresh rates from 60 hz through to 85 hz but still no change,

    As i have had this problem with two boards and threee diffrent graphic cards im starting to wonder weather it's the os, co's im using XP and have read on other forums this may be the cause and may be worth dual booting to runs games. This may work but at the end off the day is only a work around and not a solution to my origanal problem,

    Any ideas ?
  3. Have you tried a different monitor? That could be the problem.
  4. I have sused the problem, It was vsync that was casuing all the problems. It was not enabled for direct 3d. So my monitor and graphics card was not synced togeather causing teair. All sorted now though sweet as
  5. lads altho im sure most of yez know about vsync and horrible tears it causes try a program called reforce rate. I know for myself that although u set the monitor to 85hz etc when in games it can reset to 60hz and cause bloody annoying tears... this prog forces the monitor to stay at the settings u give it although be aware that some games dont like it eg BF1942 wont run while its on and if u forget yur using reforce u can spend fecking ages trying to find out whats wrong.

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