Please help

Hello, my command prompt disappears quickly, i am using 7
u can mail me
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  1. We don't email anyone anywhere.
    Your statement doesn't tell us anything usefull, so if you want help you will have to make an effort to explain what you are trying to do and any errors.
  2. Very nice, but Jonmor68 and I need more info. It's like saying Please Help.....
    Try cmd in the run window.....
  3. I am using windows 7 . whenever i try to open command prompt, it flahes and disappears before i can type anything. Its not stable and does not remain in open mode as it is supposed to be.
    I have tried all the ways to open it but it disappears quickly as soon as it opens.
    I think its enough and if not plz be specific what do you want to know.
    thanx !!!
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