Unable to create new system partition. Help please!

i assembled a computer and i am installing windows 7 on it. however, when the setup gets to the part where i choose a harddrive to do the setup on, i get an error saying that the system cant partition the drive? im getting desperate ive been trying to install my computer for 2 days but to no avail...
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  1. Is it a dual boot that you are trying to create? Do u have an os already installed or it's a fresh install
  2. When asking for help please help us by supplying as much detail as possible relating to the problem.
    In this case "i assembled a computer" new parts or used.
    "error saying that the system cant partition the drive" new or used, previous OS present on drive? if so which OS.
    Which version of Windows 7, OEM, full retail or upgrade?
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