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I think I made a mistake, as when I partitioned my drive after I bought my laptop, I set my Windows partition(C:) to a much smaller size than usual (30gb). Now I see in the Computer section in win 7 64bit that the drive has like 3 gb of free space. Is that enough for running ? I would like to increase the size of this partition, but with the ordinary way, I can just lower the size, not increase it.

Also, I would like to change the menu and running language to English. Laptop is in German right now, I speak the language, but I`ve gotten used to having my software in English....

Thanks a lot !
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  1. Oh, I forgot, its a Windows 7 64bit Home Edition.
  2. Here's an answer on the language

    The problem with your C drive is most likely it's filling up with junk and e-mails ..... you can store your e-mail on another partition and you can delete ball the junk. Best tool I have come across is Steven Gould's Cleanup utility

    Of course you could solve both your problems by reformatting the drive and repartitioning. Another solution is a 3rd party partitioning tool like Acronis.

    Of course you can't expand C if the partition next to it remains the same size, have you tried reducing the size of that one first ?
  3. Hello JackNaylor,

    Thanks for the reply :)

    What I did after you wrote : I lowered the size of my other partition, the one next to the Windows one, but the option to increase the size is still greyed out. If there isn't any other way, I`ll use the 3rd party software you indicated, thanks a lot !

    Seems I have to update my damn windows version.. Another euro well spent :)
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