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New computer Dell Studio XPS. Windows 7. Trying to install free version avg. downloaded, but will not install! It says the program is 4.12mg. While intalling it states 137.7 mg for complete installation????? what??? I have dialup and it took hours to get 6.4mb installed...something doesn't sound right....is it not compatible????
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  1. Yes it is compatible. Unfortunately for yourself only having dialup you will struggle to do the install easily as the program is 137+ mg for install and updates. the 4.12 you mention is like an installer pckage for the AVG program. The best way that I can think of is connecting to a friends internet who has broadband and do the install from there. Future updates are only a few meg and dialup should cope if you leave the update downloading in the background. I think most AV programs now are of a similar file size.
  2. thanks mibix 19! appreciate your response and explanation of mg's. Ended up install avast, only took 6.5 hours!!!!!!! But it's done!
  3. Nice one. Your welcome
  4. Nice one. Your welcome
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