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I have this toshiba laptop and when i turn it on it won't boot past bios, it will boot bios, then go to a black screen with a white "_" blinking in the top left corner for a second and then just reboot bios and it does this forever. i've reseated the hard drive, it didn't fix it and im looking for ideas from anyone else
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  1. is the BIOS recognizing the hard drive?

    can you get to the boot menu by hitting F8? The one that has the Save Mode option.
  2. Format HDD, install again OS clean & Fresh

  3. If tapping Function 8 shows you the Advanced Boot menu, starting with Safe Mode, select the "Disable automatic restart on system failure" option. Instead of going into a reboot loop, the system will stall at a blue screen with the reaons for the failure. Please post back the details of the code 0x0000?? and ANY_WORDS_JOINED_UP by underscores and soeone will be able to help.

    If you can't get to that Safe Mode menu, you'll need to use the StartUp Repair option on your Windows installation DVD or the recovery set of disks you should have made when you set the system up.
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