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trying to install avg "free" version to my new computer. It states program is 4.12mb. Downloaded it...not problem. Installation-problem! Have dialup connection. Took hours to get 6.4mbs...and it states 137.7mbs total!!! Something doesn't sound right!!! help. Is it not compatible with windows 7???
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  1. that is the correct file size.

    Might want to go to and download the whole version to a USB drive via someones (friend, school, hotspot, etc...) broadband connection and bring it back home to install.

    you could try Avira or Avast both are free and are around 50 - 55MB.
  2. Also for win 7 microsoft's free security suite is pretty good. Agree try to find a friend with broadband and put on a cd/thumbdrive.
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