Can\'t rember or find my Wep Key

trying to set-up my cannon MG 5220 printer
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  1. It'll be in your router configuration. Read your router manual.
  2. Ijack said:
    It'll be in your router configuration. Read your router manual.

    not always

    look at your router. on a lot of them its on a sticker on it

    it should be something like


    (thats not my wepkey ive substituded the letters and numbers)

    if it dosnt work because you changed it. then you can reset it by resetting the router to factory default. refer to the manual that came with the reuter or call there support line
  3. Easiest thing is to reset the router. Unplug it and find the little reset button, hold it for 10 seconds or so, then re-set up the router with new password.
  4. call your internet service provider. They should walk you through the process.
  5. Hi

    assuming you have access to a PC which can get on the wireless network

    run this utility on the PC and the keys will be displayed
    (some AV programs may object and try to delete the program)

    Nirsoft is a well respected and long established supplier of useful password recovery utilities


    Mike Barnes
  6. If you are already connected to the WiFi network, you can view the password in Keychain Access.

    I'm assuming you are using OSX because you are in the OSX area.
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