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i need to know if programs designed for xp will run on windows 7 primarily the dfx enhancer for winamp and the bit stream pro player and alcohol 120 will windows xp compatibility mode run these or will i have to research and possibly repurchase these programs what are my options? also does winrar function on windows 7? thanx :sol:
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  1. check for Windows compatible versions.

    I know winrar is avalable.

    look into Vitual PC. It will run a copy of XP in VM mode
  2. ok thanks i will look it probably sounds silly by now but i havent used windows 7 yet bc i dont have my new pc yet. still using xp sp3 looking forward to windows 7. my vaio doesnt support 7 not enough memory 1.25gb is max for it. will be getting the asus g72gx or the gateway p7815u for my replacement. have a ton of programs but don't know if they are 7 usable or not. thanks for the comment though.
  3. I have yet to run into a problem with backwards compatibility, even running FF7. As far as I know, there have been no issues with backwards compatibility with either Vista or XP. If there is, I'm quite sure that there'll be an update fairly soon to fix that.
  4. that's encouraging news! have an extensive library of games and programs so i hope they run smooth with the new o.s. i have ff8 but not ff7 sure brings back memories of the playstation. good times.....
  5. is it true that xp support from microsoft will end in 2014?
  6. no i havent i know i can go to their website was just wondering if anyone knew if windows xp was going to be retired off the top of their heads...
  7. ok now i get it thanks pjmelect ill research and ty for the info
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