I need windows 7 installation and recovery help. *** SOLVED ***

I bought this Gateway NV53 from from Best buy. Now after using it a few days when i turn it on it passes the windows 7 startup screen, but when it get to the blue login screen, it stays blue showing nothing. There is no hd activity and the mouse still moves so it's not frozen. Also, when I try to boot it in safe mode, it hangs at the same spot. furthermore when i try to bring up gateway's recovery console to restore the original factory settings by pressing alt+f10 upon system reboot, the system hangs on its intro screen. Lastly I tried to install a fresh copy of Winndows 7 and I get as far as the portion where it says install windows. Once I click on install, it hangs on the next screen (meaning it doesn't bring up the drive options). I'm writing you from the laptop in question using knoppix live dvd. I have access to the hd, so i know it is being accessed by both this os and within the bios setup. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. So it worked well, then after a few days it doesn't login -
    weird, is the laptop new ?>
    Try re installing, let it take its time, dont cancel. What are the specs, might be the hd isnt fast, may take time to process disc data. Well you aren't supposed to have this problem though.
  2. ye. maybe 3 months old. It came with windows 7 home preinstalled. But even when i try reinstalling windows 7 it hangs at after i press install there is hd activity but after a few seconds the hd light goes off and nothing happens, but its not frozen. I kept it on this screen overnight when i woke it was on the same screen.
  3. Take it back to the shop. It must still be under warranty.
  4. O.K. We're definitely in business. After searching the internet for 18 hours I found a solution. I had to go into the bios and disable the fdd. Also I change sata settings to ide. so far so good. Thanx for all the help and I'll still be here helping out where i can.
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    Glad for your laptop :D
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