Should I upgrade my PC with 4GB RAM to 64bit?

Hi there,

I've just got my new kingston 2GB and now have a total 4GB of RAM on my Desktop PC(Windows 7(32bit), 4GB RAM, Intel E7300), and I know that 32-bit windows doesn't use 4GB fully, and I was wondering if I should move to windows 7 64-bit if I use this software:

Cubase 5
Komplete 6 (Kontakt 4, MASSIVE, FM8 etc. plus more libraries from NI such as Alicia's Keys)

that's pretty much it.

so, two questions:
1)Should I move to 64-bit given my specific needs/system
2)Does "regular" 32bit software/samples works on 64bit systems?

thx in advance.
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  1. I'm not sure what kind of program that is but you should use 64bit to take advantage of all of your ram. All of your programs should work as long as they aren't specially coded for 32 bit.
  2. I agree. Take a look at the above mentioned programs manufacturer's support sites to ensure that they are compatible with a 64 bit version of Windows, which if they aren't really old, should do just fine.
  3. You should Upgrade to x64 in my opinion cuz x64 supports almost limitless amounts of RAM (Win7ultimate supports up to 192 Gt RAM). You can also check this out

  4. I would upgrade to 64bit but you will face a compatibility issue with some of your software. Unless you're a serious gamer, and even the.... I'd leave it as is. I'm running Call of Duty Black Ops flawlessly with only 2 gigs. Hope this helps.
  5. if your staying with only 4GB and not going higher then stay with the 32-bit OS.
    if going more than 4GB in THIS unit then maybe you should think about 64-bit.
    verify that all your programs are 64-bit compatible BEFORE you move to 64-bit.
    do know that there is no upgrade path for this move from 32-bit to 64-bit,
    it takes a clean full-install..
  6. One good way to check compatibility is to dwl the windows 7 compatibility check, it will check and advise you -
  7. Upgrade to x64, even if you software is stilll 32-bit, they get to address a full 4GB of memory.
  8. still depends on video card size and the amount of total RAM.
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