Dual Boot Win7 64bit & Win7 32bit

Hey guys,

I currently have Win7 64bit installed in my system and would need Win7 32bit because a program wouldnt work on the 64bit one.

My setup is I have only 1HDD, but 3 partitions in it:

1) my first partition is 120GB, it has Win7 64
2) 2nd partition and 3rd partition were initially for storage. they currently have files in them, but are sufficiently large for adding another OS.

I would like to ask how should I go about dual booting the 2 OS's. Do I simply go through the normal installation process then just pick a new partition to install Win7 32bit into? Also, will it mess with my system specs? I know 32bit has memory restrictions, I currently have 4GB ram - will there be a problem?

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  1. It's possible to do that if you install it on a clear partition, but I have never seen anyone try it.
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    It should've mess with your specs. I know there is an issue in the order in which you install windows xp and windows 7 for dual boot, windows 7 should be fine. One thing to consider is your processor. I have the core I3 a 64 bit processor and it wouldn't let me install the 32 bit version of windows 7. If you proceed, yes install as regular just pick a new partition. Also once install goto msconfig.exe under the boot tab select your main os. That way when you reboot your pc the default will be on the top. This way you won't be confused upon reboot.
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