so if i buy the family 3 pack upgrade version am i always in bed with the original motherboard like the OEM version or can i reinstall the os on as many new motherboards as i choose ? i know with the full version i can change motherboards every day if i choose to do so . this may seem like a stupid question its just that im currently using Ubuntu for my os which is entirely free so i have no desire to pay 130.00 for 3 licenses if those license are tied to original motherboards. also if i reformat the hard drive wipe the old os completely off my hdd ( like were supposed too ) am i going to have an inactivatable upgrade version cause theres no previous version in existence on the hdd causes i wiped it clean during installation cause im smart that way . so know that im stuck asking dumb ass questions im beginning to understand why everybody hates Microsoft ! so have a nice day any help out there besides pauls guide like everyday people who reboot and clean hard drives once a month like me cause they know about all the crazy hackers out there would be helpful im just tired of installing underneath w.i.n.e. !
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  1. While the upgrades themselves are transferable, the original licence terms from which it's being upgraded apply. So if the original instalation was OEM, then it's not transferable, but if it was a retail version, then it transfers along with the upgrade.
    You can do a clean install with the upgrade media without installing the original OS, as long as you meet the licence terms and own a qualifying full version OS.
    If you regularly reinstall the OS, I suggest you create an image of the drive once you have setup the way you want, then restore from the image. You would then only need to run the updates.
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