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We had a problem with a fax machine so I phoned tech support. After waiting about 10 minutes I finally got to talk to someone. Then I told them the problem then they told me another number to phone. They said that they could transfer me so they did and I had to WAIT ANOTHER 10 MINUTES! When I finally got to talk to the tech guy he asked for all this useless information. Finally after about 30 minutes altogether he asked what the problem was. I told him and he said well you gotta send it in to get serviced. What a waste of time. The tech guy couldn't even talk right. He stuttered every other word and if he wasn't stuttering he was talking nonsense. He must have been trying to bombard me with all the technical jargon. I knew what he was talking about and I even had to correct him a few times.
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  2. He was probably shitfaced, or stoned,or both,We booked oki to came down and show us thier products but they never showed, shows how interested they were
  3. Wow... this sounds like an entirely different company than the one I dealt with a few years ago. I have an (now) antiquated OL-400. It seems like the image drum deterierates (sp?) over time if it is not used. (They said the duty cycle was 2.5 to 5k pages per month). It wasn't something they normally covered under warranty (which the printer WAS out of warranty) but she had me pull the total numer of pages printed out of memory, said she would send me a new image drum.... and they did... FedEx overnight!

    Just my 2 cents worth....
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