How can you get windows 7?

Is there any way that i can get windows 7?
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  1. No legit way unless you get it from MS and they only gave it out to a select few and some conference attendees - it's only in pre-beta.
  2. why would you need Windows 7? it is better to way for the Final Product than to test a Beta that may cause you problems and a lot of headaches lol
  3. Some people like to tinker with OSs as they are released - get your head in the game early.
  4. Get the final product, its much more stable... most concepts are streamlined... the only people interested in new beta OSes are programmers.
  5. Aww yeah... This is why I'm not a historian. =)
  6. Linux works everywhere, in microwaves, TVs etc. but its not really getting into people's computers...
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