'09 Honda Civic Gas Mileage?

I recently bought a 2009 Honda Civic LX Coupe, and I am surprised at how good of gas mileage it gets. All of the ratings for Honda Civics are at around 25 city, 36 highway; but I seem to be getting more like 30 city and 40 highway. Also, this car has quite the horses under the hood. This may just be because I got used to driving a Dodge Ram 1500, but this thing can get up to speed in nothing flat.

I'm wondering if anyone else was shocked at the quality of these cars, even though they are not very expensive (I got mine for $11k).

Has anyone had a similar experience with a car of this type?
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  1. i think a lot of vehicles when they are broken in but still very young power train wise , will go above and beyond what they are rated for mileage ( not gm), my advice is drive conservatively , but don't baby you car and run a good synthetic oil like mobile 1 and you will probably have great results for a while .
  2. vika I think he's stating 30 to 40 mpg. Which is good actual fuel economy. I get 8mpg with my truck and 31mpg with my car. I'm guessing you don't have an Si so you probably have an R18 1.8 litre engine in it. They get great fuel economy run forever too. You should look in to a proper intake for it. There will next to no power increase but you might get 2-4 mpg better. If you plan on keeping the car for a long time it could pay for itself over time. But do research before purchasing one some are complete junk.
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