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As a junior in high school, im starting to look into colleges i wanna attend. Im interested in the computer-related field as a career, and i thought i would ask you guys if it is all that important as to which college i attend. In other words, does it matter that much if i go to a prestigous school as opposed to not-so prestigious school? As of now i want my major in Computer Science
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  1. If you're from the US, I'd obviously say, try for MIT or Stanford or Caltech or Princeton :D
  2. I'm a Field Engineer for major UK I.T and this type of employment is dying, companies what shot of the costly engineering staff and outsource to 3rd parties.

    My advice is to go into server and network support role, well paid and always positions available.
  3. I did computers in college and luckily I got into a government job, 9 months later a position opened in IT and they picked the best person for the job. Now i've got the experience, education and training and cos it was a government job they paid for a lot of up to date training on servers, o/s and such, so if we ever get out of this job slump I'll prob go looking for something that pays a little better.

    in my opinion, the better the school, the more you get noticed, but at the end of the day people want experienced employees with a good work ethic that can be checked (i.e. they can ring your previous employer). so if you dont get into well known school, get a job just for experience for a year and try then. and if not ... there are millions of ways to skin a cat, just some take longer.
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