Install Windows 7 OEM now or wait? Getting new HD soon

I recently had some SSD issues but my windows 7 ultimate OEM version is arriving soon. I don't think the intel x25 g2 will be available for at least a week or two later, in the meantime would it be ok for me to install my windows 7 ultimate oem version on another hard drive until my ssd arrives? Would it not let me reinstall the OS again on the SSD when i get it since OEM versions only lets you have it under a hardware setting.
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  1. You're walking a bit of a fine line here with the licensing.

    What it comes down to is how Microsoft defines a PC. Typically, they define a PC by the motherboard used in the unit, as Windows does not automatically have to re-activate itself right away, until the motherboard is replaced. Other components can be swapped, upgraded or added (newer CPU, more RAM, extra peripherals like a sound card) and Windows doesn't care one way or another.

    Now I am not affiliated with, do not represent, or speak for Microsoft in any way, but I believe you will be ok, so long as you wipe out your current hard drive after the SSD you want is in your hands and ready to be used. Once Windows 7 is installed on your SSD, you must remove the Windows 7 install from the old hard drive to avoid blatantly violating the license agreement.
  2. Correct. You may also have to call MS to re-activate it once you do the re-install.
  3. thank you guys for the response.. but oh jeez.. do you know where i would find the number to do so? Do i have to wait an hour to talk to someone? ><"
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    The number for telephone activation is provided in the activation wizard itself. Choosing telephone activation will result in a drop-down menu where you pick the country you currently reside in. Selecting your country will provide the appropriate phone number to call.

    Telephone activation typically takes about 6-7 minutes if you use the automated system. If there is something wrong with the installation ID you give the automated system, you will then be redirected to a human operator who can get the activation process going by manually verifying your information. When all is said and done, you should have spent no more than about 15 minutes on the phone.
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