Get rid of fwupdate.exe message

how do i get rid of fwupdate.exe when i boot my computer?
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  1. If you have installed an LG drive in your computer, the fwupdate.exe file was probably installed without you knowing about it. That is what happened to me. It was maddening.
    go to the control panel and uninstall a program called LG Toolkit. It will not bother you anymore.
    I don’t know how that program got on my PC. I don’t remember installing it. Maybe it arrived as a Windows update.? I don't think you need to disable it using msconfig.A very

    usefull (free) tool from Microsoft is Autoruns -
    This tool will show you everything that is set to automatically run on your machine and allow you to disable it / remove it / search it etc...
    I use this tool often, especially after installing anything just to see what my system is now set to run automatically...

    Good Luck!
  2. Hi, My computer came back from the Computer Renaissance shop with fwupdate on it. I didn't notice it until I added the recommended (by Microsoft) admin user and std user accounts. I also had to enable the settings for warning when a change to my system is made. Am glad that I figured out that wasn't enabled. The expert at the shop said that is just what happens and had not interest in helping me to disable it. It concerns me that they told me Microsoft Security Essentials don't do anything, but then basically recommended that all accounts be admin users. He just kept saying it's a security thing, like it's no big deal. Have no words for how dumbfounded I am at their standard implementation and disregard for security guidelines. They switched the machine to AVG. He told me the LG toolkit is to keep my optical drive driver updated. Do those change that often that you would want to check for updates every time the machine starts up?

    Will use the rec here to disable it. Thanks so much for your information.
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