Fwupdate.exe removal

how do i get rid of fwupdate.exe from popping up when i start my computer?
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  1. Searching on the web I found this.

    This is a software installed with the LG Tools. Supposed to update LG Drives firmware.To remove it, run REGEDIT, search for "lg_fwupdate" , without quotes, then erase all registry entry about that. Then erase the folder lg_fwupdate in your Program Files or Program Files(x86). And if you have a Bluebird software istalled and always in LG Drives even if there is nocd, go to LG website they have the file to remove this.
  2. Before editing the registry, first try this. Go to Control Panel - > Programs and Features. Then, find the "LG ODD firmware update", or something to that effect (sorry, just uninstalled it, so I don't see it anymore to get the exact name). Right-click and choose "Uninstall".
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