Xp to windows 7 suggestions please

I have been with 32 bit XP since the beginning of time and have decided to make the windows 7 jump. I use my rig for casual gaming and general email/internet/office use. I will be going with the 64 bit version, my options are: OEM, full retail, or retail upgrade(home premium). Money is a huge factor here.

OEM - Cheap but I tend to swap parts, upgrade, and do fresh installs fairly often. I’m worried that I will run into issues down the road with MS denying activation with these activities.

Full Retail - I understand that I can install the full retail as much as I like as long as it resides on one computer. This would eliminate any fear with upgrading/part swapping/fresh installs. This would cost me $70+ on top of the OEM version. Again Money is a big factor here.

Retail upgrade - I believe I would get the retail benefits of installing as much as I want but each install would require me to fully install xp as well. Price is the same as OEM but installs would take a lot of time.

Current spec's:
Phenom 2 x4 925
M4A79XTD EVO asus mobo
4 gigs g-skill ddr3 1600
gigabyte amd 6870
creative xfi xtreamgamer
500gig seagate 7200 rpm hd (main hd)
wd 750gig 5400 rpm hd (storage)
soon to be 23 inch VH236H asus lcd
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  1. Do you know someone with a student email account? that will enable you to buy Win 7 pro for $70 from Microsoft

  2. I suggest you consider this:


    The Standard subscription gets you 2 licenses of each version of Windows and Office (plus LOTS of other goodies), for a grand total of $199. In terms of value for money, Technet is unbeatable.
  3. more cheap from hack rapid :D
  4. henydiah said:
    more cheap from hack rapid :D

    What is that supposed to mean??
  5. Hi TTU03,

    You may also want to consider the Windows 7 Family Pack which retails for $149. It includes 3 Upgrade licenses so you can upgrade your computer plus two others that are currently running XP or Vista (maybe others in your family would like to upgrade as well) - http://store.microsoft.com/microsoft/Windows-7-Home-Premium-Upgrade-Family-Pack/product/87DFFF11

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  6. the 3 pack is the clear winner for cash value!
  7. plus microsoft was giving away a free linksys router with purchase i believe!
  8. http://store.microsoft.com/FPCisco-offer

    here it is it is a great value!
  9. Well it seems as if the upgrade version will be fine for my needs. It is a retail package so i will not be limited to number of installs as long as it is installed on one pc. It also looks like a person can "double install" if needed. "Double install" should not hinder a license becaue I own a legit copy and license of a pervious os(xp). The family package does make sense for the price, I dont need the other two licenses right now but that could change.
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