Interesting! We are like flys.

Virgin females were receptive to courting males and readily mated, but females flies who had mated lost interest in sex for a time because of sex peptide, a substance that males inject with sperm during the encounter.

Rejected males then stopped trying to mate, even when placed in the same cage as virgin flies.

But when they were placed by themselves in another container that had two straws - one containing plain food and the other containing food with 15 per cent alcohol - the rejected males binged on the alcohol.
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  1. Where can we lock Reynod into a cage with virgin flies then? :)
  2. I was thinking we can in fact test this hypothesis simply by asking mrface for his professional opinion?

    I actually don't drink alcohol ... nothing religious or anything ... I don't really like it ... or drugs or anything.

    Give me a coke and a pack of BBQ chips ...

  3. I've been avoiding beer lately. Too much liquid to consume. I've been on mainly rum, but some vodka and bourbon in there. But on Saturday I re-started my workout/diet routine and going that route. So many changes in the last year that it makes it easy to adjust my routine.
  4. Maybe you should hyst buy one of those turbo stills?

    Why mess around when you can boost a fermented wash up to around 60% alcohol.

    Mind you its flammable and takes your breath away ... and will likely burn holes in your stomache.

    I use it for a cleaning agent ... smells nice.
  5. My brother runs a home brew store and sells the stuff. I've tried his stuff and it isn't bad.. but eh, not really for me. I like craft beers and all but some of those sit heavy.

    Shine.. I'll avoid. Only drink it if you know exactly where it comes from. Some people use old radiators in the distilling process.. which gradually leads people to go blind.
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